The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog
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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

You only have one set of adult teeth, and they need to last until you are 80, 90, or beyond. The actions you take towards your teeth today will either benefit you or harm you in the future. Of course, good dental care starts with seeing a dentist regularly. You should go in for cleanings and checkups, and any other time you think something might be amiss with your teeth. Education is important when it comes to any aspect of your health, so start reading the articles on this website to educate yourself about dentists and dental care. We promise that when you're 80 and you still have your teeth, you won't regret the time spent.


The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

  • Wisdom Teeth Removal: What You Need To Know

    20 February 2020

    At some point, you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed. When you hear this news, you may initially cringe at the thought. Fortunately, there have been major advancements in the field of wisdom teeth removal that makes the procedure very easy and almost painless. If you have to have your wisdom teeth removed, the following information are some things you should know so you can be prepared for the procedure without fear or worry:

  • 3 Reasons Why Overdentures Are A Good Middle-Road Option For Dental Restoration

    20 February 2020

    Overdentures are one of the lesser-known prosthodontic options available to people who have lost most or all of their teeth. They attach to dental implants that are placed in your jawbone, which gives them a fit that's more snug than traditional dentures. At the same time, you can still remove them for cleaning or repair. Below, you'll find three reasons why overdentures are an excellent option for whole-mouth dental restoration at a reasonable price.

  • Causes And Treatments For Heavy Oral Bleeding

    20 February 2020

    While minor bleeding when brushing your teeth is not abnormal, extremely heavy bleeding from your mouth, or oral hemorrhaging, requires emergency dental care. An oral hemorrhage can be caused by various factors. So before your dentist can treat it, he or she needs to determine the underlying cause. Here are some causes and treatment options for an oral hemorrhage.  Blood Clotting Conditions Blood clotting disorders often cause abnormal bleeding, including heavy oral bleeding.

  • Options For A Dental Bridge

    19 February 2020

    When you are missing a few teeth but the rest of your teeth are still intact and in good condition, your dentist may recommend having a dental bridge treatment. While you may not like the idea of having any false teeth, it can help you chew better, speak better, and may keep you from hiding your smile. However, not all bridges are the same. Here are a few of the different types you should discuss with your dentist.

  • Cosmetic Bonding For Gapped Teeth: Common FAQs

    18 February 2020

    Some people like having a small gap between their teeth because it gives them a unique look. However, many people do choose to have these areas filled in with a cosmetic bonding procedure at the dentist. If this is a procedure you are interested in having done, you will likely have some questions. Here is a look at some of the common questions about cosmetic bonding for gapped teeth.  Will the bonded area stay the same color as your teeth?