The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog
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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

You only have one set of adult teeth, and they need to last until you are 80, 90, or beyond. The actions you take towards your teeth today will either benefit you or harm you in the future. Of course, good dental care starts with seeing a dentist regularly. You should go in for cleanings and checkups, and any other time you think something might be amiss with your teeth. Education is important when it comes to any aspect of your health, so start reading the articles on this website to educate yourself about dentists and dental care. We promise that when you're 80 and you still have your teeth, you won't regret the time spent.


The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

  • An Overview Of Dental Implants For Young And Elderly People

    24 March 2022

    Many people wonder whether they are too young or too old for dental implants. Although age may affect dental implant candidacy, multiple other factors come into play. Below is an overview of age-related dental implant issues. The Young Dentists don't have a specific minimum age limit for dental implants. Rather, your skeletal maturity determines whether an implant can benefit you. Skeletal maturity is when a person's bones have fully developed.

  • The Surprising Reasons Older People Need More Dental Care

    15 February 2022

    When people think about cavities and who gets them the most, their minds might travel back to childhood. Kids often develop cavities due to a penchant for sweet foods and because most kids don't do the best job brushing, so their dental health can falter. However, it might surprise you to learn that older folks need regular dental care, and may even need more visits to avoid problems with their dental health.

  • 3 Reasons To Take Your Child To A Pediatric Dental Specialist

    4 January 2022

    Your child's oral health primarily depends on what you feed them. However, besides observing proper nutrition, you need to go the extra mile by taking your child to a pediatric dental specialist. Sadly, not many parents know when to take their children to a pediatric dentist. So, they wait till all the teeth are out or develop a major dental problem. However, that can be detrimental to the child's oral health.

  • Postponing Your Dental Care? 3 Signs You Need To See Your Family Dentist Right Away

    18 November 2021

    If you don't see your dentist on a regular basis, you might be at an increased risk for dental problems. If your teeth look fine, you might not think that you have anything to worry about, but that's not the case. You could have problems going on under the surface that you haven't noticed yet. Not only that but there could be factors in your life that are increasing your risk for dental problems.

  • 3 Things To Do If Your Child Knocks Out Their Tooth

    11 October 2021

    If your child knocks out a tooth when they are outside playing, you want to make sure that their tooth isn't damaged and that it can go back into their mouth and continue to be part of your child's mouth for as long as possible. There are several things that you should do if your child's tooth gets knocked. You should take your child to their dentist as soon as possible, of course.