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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

Need A Root Canal? You Likely Have These 3 Questions

Sofia Curtis

Are you in need of a root canal and feel a bit overwhelmed? It will help to know the answers to the following questions to help ease your mind about the procedure. 

Why Does The Natural Tooth Need To Be Saved?

You may be wondering why it is worth going through the process of getting a root canal to save a natural tooth, especially if it is a rear molar that nobody will ever notice. A dentist is always going to try to save a natural tooth because it is the best way to keep your jawbone healthy. You may not realize it, but the root of a tooth causes the jawbone to be stimulated every time you chew, which keeps the bone healthy. When you lose a tooth, that part of the jawbone can actually deteriorate over time and cause your teeth to shift in position. A full set of teeth also makes it easier to chew food, which you may not realize until the tooth is gone.

Can A Root Canal Fail?

You may be worried about going through a root canal to only have the treatment fail and need to remove the tooth. While this can happen, the risk is low. Root canals can fail when the procedure is done improperly and there is still infected tissue or bacteria within the tooth after the initial treatment. If this happens, the tooth can become reinfected. While the odds of this happening are low, it is a risk that you need to be aware of. Your dentist may even offer a different method of performing the root canal to minimize the risk of reinfection.

Are There Multiple Treatment Options Available?

You do have some a couple of options when it comes to dealing with an infected tooth. Leaving it alone is never an option if you want to avoid problems, but some people choose to do that and have regrets down the road. A root canal is the most practical way to save a tooth when it has an infection within the pulp of the tooth. 

The other option is to pull the tooth so that it is removed completely. You can always get a dental implant to replace the missing tooth, but it will be a costly and more invasive procedure than a root canal. A dental bridge is an option as well, but the bridge does not give the jawbone that stimulation that you need to keep the jaw healthy.