The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog
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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

You only have one set of adult teeth, and they need to last until you are 80, 90, or beyond. The actions you take towards your teeth today will either benefit you or harm you in the future. Of course, good dental care starts with seeing a dentist regularly. You should go in for cleanings and checkups, and any other time you think something might be amiss with your teeth. Education is important when it comes to any aspect of your health, so start reading the articles on this website to educate yourself about dentists and dental care. We promise that when you're 80 and you still have your teeth, you won't regret the time spent.


The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

  • What You Need To Know About Preventative Dental Care

    25 June 2020

    While visiting the dentist is not something that most people like to do; it is a necessity. Your oral health impacts your overall health. Poorly cared for teeth and gums can contribute to a host of other health problems in addition to being uncomfortable or painful. Preventative dental care services are the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy no matter what age you are. Here's what you need to know about preventative dental care.

  • Ways To Keep Your Teeth Their Cleanest

    24 June 2020

    If you are concerned about the state of your oral health, you may be looking for new ways to keep your teeth cleaner. As the teeth become coated with plaque, they are more apt to be ravaged by decay.  Dental plaque is a filmy mixture of bacteria and particles of food. The biofilm that the bacteria produce gives the plaque its sticky consistency, making it easy for the substance to coat the teeth.

  • Need A Root Canal? You Likely Have These 3 Questions

    17 June 2020

    Are you in need of a root canal and feel a bit overwhelmed? It will help to know the answers to the following questions to help ease your mind about the procedure.  Why Does The Natural Tooth Need To Be Saved? You may be wondering why it is worth going through the process of getting a root canal to save a natural tooth, especially if it is a rear molar that nobody will ever notice.

  • How Do Dental Cleanings Reverse Gum Disease?

    6 March 2020

    When people develop gum disease, especially the later stages like periodontitis, the idea of heading to the dentist's office can be nerve-wracking, even if they know that it's the one thing that can help. However, it might surprise you to learn that your gum disease has the potential to be set on the road to reversal just from a humble dental cleaning. Here's what you should know about this. Dental cleaning does more than just remove the plaque and tartar from between your teeth and on them; it also addresses the health of your gums.

  • 3 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Options To Change Your Smile For The Better

    28 February 2020

    Most people desire a white, healthy smile in order to feel confident. Taking care of your oral health with regular brushing and flossing is only one step you need to take in order to get the smile of your dreams. If you are dealing with stubborn dental issues that are standing in the way of your desired smile, you can try cosmetic dentistry treatments. Here are three cosmetic dentistry treatments that can change your smile for the better.