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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

Top Three Teeth Cleaning Blunders You Could Be Making

Sofia Curtis

Teeth cleaning is one of the primary things you need to do to maintain your dental hygiene. It gives you the chance to get rid of food remnants and bacteria that could cause teeth staining and other dental diseases. You also get to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile and ensure that your mouth doesn't produce a foul odor whenever you are talking. However, teeth cleaning must be done correctly to attain quality results. This post will outline the key mistakes you are making while caring for your teeth so you can rectify them right away.

Failing to take time while brushing

Whether you brush your teeth twice a day or after every meal, it is crucial to allocate enough time for it. Most people only brush for thirty seconds or so instead of taking two minutes. Rushing the process will not give you the full benefits. For instance, you might not remove the biofilms and tartar when you brush for a few seconds. What's more, you will not pay attention to all your teeth, especially those at the back. This leads to bad breath, gum inflammation, plaque deposits, and cavities. Experts recommend that you use a toothbrush with an inbuilt timer or use your phone's timer. Do not forget to clean your tongue thoroughly.

Using a toothbrush for long

Another mistake people make is to use their toothbrushes for a long time. On average, your toothbrush should only be used for three to four months, considering that you brush your teeth twice a day. This translates to about two hundred uses. By the third month, you will notice that the bristles aren't as effective as they were — they'll be frayed and worn out. If the bristles are frayed, it will become tough for the brush to clean your teeth effectively, so food particles and bacteria will keep accumulating in your mouth and on the toothbrush.

Keeping your toothbrush in your bathroom

Most people are guilty of this blunder, and even if you stopped this habit, you likely stored your toothbrush in the bathroom at some point in life. If you keep your toothbrush in your bathroom, it will have some traces of human waste. Once you flush the toilet, the bowl contents get sprayed all over. The situation worsens if the bathroom is used by many people, including kids. The best solution is to place the toothbrush away from the bathroom (the medicine cabinet or nightstand are ideal locations) and then place a lid on them.

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