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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

Are You Considering Dental Implants? The Truth About Implant Dentistry

Sofia Curtis

Thanks to dental technology advancements, patients now have a wide variety of teeth replacement treatments. Even so, there's no doubt that dental implants stand out due to their unique characteristics. If you are torn between bridges, dentures, and implants, read on to find out more about implants to help you make your decision.

Bone Loss Prevention

Did you know that missing teeth can be all it takes for your jawbone to start shrinking? Your jawbone mass depends on teeth stimulation to remain firm, explaining why you shouldn't ignore the gap caused by a missing tooth.

Implants have what it takes to keep the jawbone stimulated because they have roots that mimic real teeth. By so doing, you will not have to worry about facial distortion or any other jawbone loss side effects. Facial distortion is a problem that can make you look older, which gives people who have lost their teeth more reasons to consider implant dentistry immediately.

Implants Look Like Natural Teeth

Implants are available in many sizes, colors, and shapes. This means that you will get a perfect implant that matches the rest of your teeth. In fact, no one out there can tell that you have implants unless you choose to tell them.

Bite Force Restoration

Implant dentistry involves the snug insertion of a titanium post, which serves as a tooth root. This means that the implant replaces the entire tooth structure, enabling you to chew the same way someone with natural teeth does. The restored bite force will go a long way in aiding digestion, which starts in the mouth. Additionally, your menu will not be restricted to soft foods since you will have a full set of functional teeth. This is an advantage that you will not find with other options, such as dentures, which lack jawbone anchorage.

Improved Speech

Few things are more embarrassing than word mispronunciation, especially when speaking in public. This problem is usually associated with dentures that tend to loosen over time. The looseness compromises tongue movement, leading to serious speech alterations. However, keep in mind that missing teeth can also result in similar problems. The good news is that implants function like natural teeth and thus help keep such issues at bay.

There's no doubt that implants stand out from other teeth replacements. However, scheduling an appointment with a seasoned implant dentist can help you learn more about them and make a sound decision.