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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

New Pediatric Dentistry Techniques Can Reduce Pain During A Dental Treatment

Sofia Curtis

When your child has to go to the dentist for a treatment, one of the greatest fears that your child might have is the shot that is designed to numb your child's mouth. However, pediatric dentistry has come a long way and it may be possible to deliver a shot that is entirely painless through a painless injection system. This is fortunate because proper dental care is essential for your child's long-term oral health.

Why Children Fear Shots

The shot looks scary as your child will be poked with a sharp object. The act of receiving a shot gives your child a brief pinch. However, with the painless injection system, your child won't feel a thing. Newer systems also allow for the dentist to reduce the amount of anesthesia that is needed.

Helping a Child Who is Scared of Dentists

With the newest techniques in pediatric dental care, your child's cavities can be filled while minimizing the pain that your child will experience. This will most likely make your child less afraid to go to the dentist.

If the painless injection system doesn't alleviate your child's fear, sleep dentistry might be another option. Some children must undergo several dental treatments at an early age and they sometimes develop a fear of dentists. However, this can be overcome with the right approach.

For example, nitrous oxide is safe to use with children thanks to newer monitoring technologies. Oftentimes, a child might not even remember the appointment afterward. 

Why Seeing a Dentist is So Important

You might wonder why your child would need to see a dentist if they will just eventually lose their teeth. However, visiting the dentist can improve your child's oral hygiene at all stages of their life. Dentists also have tools and techniques that allow them to treat medical conditions earlier than they otherwise would be treated.

If your child has a cavity, dentists are now able to use minimally invasive techniques that will be able to preserve as much of the tooth as possible. With regular visits and the practice of great oral hygiene, your child will be able to have fewer cavities. 

Even Baby Teeth Need to be Treated

Even though your child will eventually lose their baby teeth, it is important that they have their cavities treated. Cavities can lead to your child eventually having an overbite, and they can hinder the ability of your child's adult teeth to grow straight and healthy. A cavity can also lead to the infection of a nearby tooth which can lead to more cavities.