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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

How Do You Know You Need Emergency Dental Care?

Sofia Curtis

Some oral issues require emergency dental care. Not every dental problem can wait for a dentist's appointment. Sometimes, dental accidents require quick action to forestall further damage.

Although dental issues can be fixed through a regular dental checkup, emergencies do happen. If you're in pain and your jaw is suddenly swollen and aching, getting immediate emergency dentist intervention can save you money and save your teeth. Here are circumstances that require emergency dental care.

When You Have a Damaged Tooth

Fractured teeth can trigger dental complications if left untreated. If your broken tooth is unattended, the fracture can extend to the pulp area. It exposes your nerve network to foreign particles or bacteria. Such a situation can lead to infection and, gradually, tooth decay. To save your tooth, you need to get to a dentist quickly.

When You Have Severe Gum Bleeding 

Bleeding gums are a warning sign that your teeth and gum are infected. When diagnosed early, such infections are easy to manage. If you hesitate to get emergency help, the infection can spread to other areas fast. If you ignore treatment and the infection triggers periodontal disease, your dental health could deteriorate.

When You Have Lost a Filling or Crown

Lost crowns and broken tooth fillings can cause pain. You shouldn't treat lost crowns as bad luck. You don't want to mingle with your friends with a gap in your teeth. Luckily, an emergency dentist can restore your crown and your smile as well. Also, prompt care for lost crowns prevents teeth damage.

When You Have Tooth Abscess

If your gum is swollen, avoid managing the pain from home. Postponing the visit to the dentist's can lead to extreme problems that require emergency care. If it's an abscessed tooth, it could be a sign of a bigger problem with your gum. You should contact your dentist right away.

When You Have Tooth Loss Due To Trauma

Trauma from a sports injury or a freak accident can cause tooth loss. You'll need to get emergency dental care quickly. If the trauma was severe, you're likely to have gum tissue injuries and other complications. If you get to the dentist fast, chances are that they can reattach your tooth without complications.

When You Have a Severe Toothache

If you experience a severe toothache, it's time to visit the dentist. An aching tooth can render you unproductive, not to mention the discomfort it causes. Severe tooth pain can signal underlying dental issues, and you need to see a dentist for proper diagnosis.

If you require advice on emergency dental care, consider visiting a dentist today.