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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

Invisalign Can Enhance A Child's School Photo Sessions

Sofia Curtis

Crooked teeth can be an upsetting situation for anybody but is particularly hard for young children. They may experience self-esteem issues that make their emotions harder to manage, particularly if picture day comes and leaves behind a record of their embarrassment. In this situation, Invisalign is essential.

Why Crooked Teeth Impact a Child's Emotions

Picture day is often a big deal for many children and maybe the most fun part of the year. However, those with crooked teeth are going to struggle to enjoy this experience. They are going to find that their crooked teeth stand out in their photos and make them look unattractive. And they may develop self-esteem issues that make them feel even worse about this problem as a result.

Unfortunately, this problem can plague a child even more because these photos will be a permanent reminder of their crooked teeth. As a result, parents must take the time to manage this issue and provide children with the protection that they need. Thankfully, there are many types of braces – such as Invisalign – that can help in this troubling scenario.

Ways Invisalign May Help

Invisalign braces are a unique breakthrough in dental care that utilizes a mouthguard-style design that fits easily over the teeth of a child. Rather than requiring difficult installation and adjustments, these guards can be placed over the teeth in a matter of moments and are adjusted by creating a new mold, ensuring that a child doesn't have to worry about braces worrying about their photos.

Just as importantly, Invisalign corrects dental alignment as quickly as other types of braces, meaning that a child may be able to get straight teeth in a year or two. And when they achieve this goal, they can take off their braces and have nothing but beautiful and flawless photos for the rest of their time in school. This situation truly shines when a child becomes a senior and takes great photos.

And what is particularly important to remember about these braces is that they may be covered by dental insurance if the dentist declares that they are medically necessary. Typically, this means that the parents only have to pay a copayment, deductible, or co-insurance fee to avoid paying too much. This benefit is significant if a family doesn't have a lot of money and needs a little extra help to pay for these life-changing braces.

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