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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

How Dental Implants Protect The Self-Esteem Of A Young Pageant Competitor

Sofia Curtis

Raising a daughter primed for success as a beauty queen and pageant competitor can be a major challenge. This issue becomes even more complex if the girl loses a tooth at a young age and ends up having a gap in her smile. Thankfully, dental implants can protect her self-esteem.

Why a Lost Tooth Can Impact a Beauty Queen's Career

When a girl is blessed with natural beauty, charm, and grace, she may be inspired to attempt becoming a beauty queen or a pageant competitor. There are a few reasons she may want to try this approach, such as winning college scholarship money, but she needs great teeth to fuel her success. A smile is often the first step forward she will make in her career, and missing a single tooth can cause complications.

For example, her self-esteem may suffer if she is missing teeth, even if the missing tooth can't be spotted unless she opens her mouth wide. She may even lose some jaw strength, which could cause her face to sag and make her look older and less appealing for those who judge pageants. As a result, it may be necessary to get her dental implants to ensure that her self-confidence remains high.

How Implants Help

Parents of a budding beauty queen should seriously consider high-quality implants to ensure that their daughter gets her confidence back. A dental implant looks like a real tooth and is installed directly into the jaw. In this way, her mouth can have the appearance of a full smile and provide her with the confidence that she needs to succeed when she gets on the stage at every competition.

Just as importantly, these types of artificial teeth also provide many health benefits. For example, they can support her jaw health, make it easier for her to eat, and ensure that she doesn't run into any gum or tooth-related problems in that area of her mouth. In this way, she can enhance her oral health in a myriad of ways and produce a strong and consistent level of oral health for her competitions.

As a result, it is important to gauge whether or not an insurance company will cover this type of dental procedure and how to integrate it into a care plan as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Thankfully, a growing number of dental professionals are not only mastering this care option but learning how to work with insurance providers to ensure that care is effective and covered.