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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

How To Avoid A Metal Smile When You Can'T Get Invisible Braces

Sofia Curtis

Invisible braces are popular for a lot of reasons, starting with the fact that they're nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. But they're not for everyone. People with more serious tooth crookedness and bite alignment problems are often told that they can't get invisible braces. But does that mean that you have to deal with a metal smile if you want your teeth straightened? Not at all. Here are some possibilities for you.

Sublingual Braces

Sublingual braces is a mouthful to say, but it's surprisingly easy to explain. To put it simply, sublingual braces are braces that are nearly impossible to be seen because they're on the back of your teeth.

Standard metal braces are a problem because they're mounted on the front of your teeth and can be clearly seen whenever you talk or smile. By switching it up, it changes everything. Sublingual braces are mounted on the back of your teeth - the opposite of standard braces - and are hard to see unless someone is staring down directly into your open mouth!

However, the real advantage of sublingual braces is that they offer the same benefits as standard braces. By using the same equipment - metal brackets and wires - your orthodontist can give you a correction of the same quality and speed as standard braces without having to give up on the appearance of your smile during your treatment.

Clear Braces

Another option that may be a possibility for you is clear braces. Now, you might be a little confused - aren't clear braces and invisible braces the same thing? While they may sound the same in name, they're actually quite different.

Invisible braces are a thin plastic sheath that goes over your teeth and corrects their alignment. Clear braces are like standard braces, but they're made out of a translucent plastic that allows the color of your teeth to shine through. This makes them very hard to notice and far less overwhelming to the appearance of a smile than standard braces.

Like sublingual braces, clear braces are a great choice because they use the traditional mechanism of brackets and wires to individually realign each tooth and to even change the alignment of your bite. If your smile is too crooked for invisible braces, consider clear braces instead.

These options are available to most people who are told that they can't get invisible braces. Don't give up on having a straighter smile and don't decide that you have to get traditional braces. Talk to your orthodontist about one of these options instead. Contact a company like Poulson Orthodontics to schedule a consultation.