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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

Getting A Filling For Your Tooth

Sofia Curtis

When one of your teeth suffers damage, the use of a filling may be the first option that a dentist chooses for repairing this issue. As with most other dental procedures, patients that are needing a filling may not have a solid understanding of this procedure or what they should expect from it. This article can help you understand the truth behind common misconceptions about fillings. 

Myth: Dental Fillings Are Always Highly Noticeable

When a person realizes that they will need to have a dental filling placed, they might assume this will always involve highly noticeable metal fillings. In reality, most dentists will utilize porcelain fillings for this repair. In addition to being a far more aesthetic material, it will also be more durable than metal fillings and can be used for larger damaged areas.

Myth: Getting A Filling For A Tooth Will Be Extremely Painful

The amount of pain that a patient will experience from getting a filling will almost always be far less than the discomfort that the cavity itself is causing. In fact, the use of anesthetics can allow patients to feel little more than a sense of pressure while the filling is being applied. After the procedure is finished, the tooth may be slightly sore, but this will pass within a few hours or by the next day.

Myth: Fillings Are Always Permanent

Generally, a patient's dental fillings will last for many years without experiencing any problems. Unfortunately, it can be possible for the fillings to deteriorate over time, and this may lead to them falling out or becoming loose. If this happens, you will want to have the filling repaired as quickly as possible. The exposed section of the tooth can rapidly start to decay, as it will not have the protection of an outer layer of enamel. Luckily, replacing a filling that has fallen out or come loose will not be as difficult as having it originally placed, as the decayed portion of the tooth will have already been removed. Unfortunately, delaying having this procedure done can lead to additional decay occurring, which may make repairing the problem more involved.

Myth: A Tooth Can Only Have One Filling

Many dental patients may not realize that is is possible for a tooth to have multiple fillings. While this may seem like it will make the repair far more painful, it can actually make it easier for both the dentist and the patient. This is due to the fact that the fillings can all be applied at the same time with one dose of anesthetic.

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