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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

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The Tooth of the Matter: A Dental Blog

Do You Need To Visit An Emergency Dentist?

Sofia Curtis

Having an issue with oral pain may cause you to panic and start researching local emergency dentists in your area. However, not all emergencies require a visit to the dentist as soon as possible. Here are some different situations and when you should seek out a dentist for help.

Mild Pain

Many dental problems tend to cause pain, but most of these situations are not considered true emergencies that need immediate attention. If you are experiencing pain without any clear injury, then you can wait for a regular appointment with your dentist. This means that there was not any clear injury that caused the pain, you have an infection, or your gums only have mild bleeding. While these are real problems that can eventually become big problems, you can wait a few days and not pay more money for an emergency dentist. Try rinsing out your mouth with some warm water or applying an ice pack to the problem area to avoid swelling

Strong Pain

Any time you are experiencing a lot of pain is when you should seek out an emergency dentist. These problems do not happen all of a sudden though, since they are usually brought on by other events. For example, you may have bitten down hard on a bone while eating and now have immense pain in that area of your mouth that is not going away. It is also common to seek emergency help when the pain is unbearable. If you are unable to perform your daily activities due to the pain, visit an emergency dentist to find out what is wrong.


If you experienced some sort of trauma that causes a tooth to become knocked out, then you should seek out an emergency dentist right away. This includes when you get an injury while playing sports that involved a tooth being knocked out of your mouth. Or you may be in a car accident with a big enough impact to break a tooth. Don't put off these dental emergencies, since a dentist will have a better chance of saving the tooth when you act quickly.

Lost Crown

Have a dental crown that fell off your tooth? This may seem like an emergency, but it may be able to wait for a regular appointment if you are not experiencing any pain. Just make sure that you save the crown if you are able to. A dentist may be able to put it back on the tooth without having to create a whole new one.